About Us

Enter the world of natural remedies!
Since day one, the core idea of 'Natural Wellness' has worked wonders for Sunshine Naturals. In the year 2022, our pursuit of authenticity and excellence led us to delve deeper into the existing health and wellness market. Naturally, at high altitude, we stumbled upon nature's treasures – plants that have adapted to survive in harsh conditions, in the cool mountain air. We finally found what we were looking for! We felt that the extracts and oils from these plants would be exceptionally powerful.

Going deep into the ancient roots and bringing the purest natural nutrition to enhance health and quality of life from head to heel, making the Earth a healthier place to live.

We aspire to be the global leader in wellness and beauty solutions by transforming the lives of millions of people by enriching body, mind and spirit with the proper correlation of plant-based nutrition-quality-innovation.